PrecariUS Times

We are living through unprecedented, PrecariUS Times.

Everything is in transition, the inner and the outer world are shifting and the call to rise out of this better than we went in is upon us

Karen Stanwood’s PrecariUS Times (IdeationSpace)

Bottom Line Up Front: Participate in coordinated investment using Karen’s timely NFT series as a financial commons. Investment collective benefits from increased token value as PT gains notoriety.

  • NFT brand building from Karen’s following, reputation, and growing influence in crypto art markets. High level XtheGame and Book-chain branding & as virtually forever™ Game series.
  • Holoport owner ensures PT brand to have a self-hosted Holochain app offering “Hot” NFTT (Timecapsule Token)
  • Growth hack NFT markets by highlighting the artist as a core element in a meaningful game platform, not a crypto-medium.
  • PT is a template for any artist, essentially any content Creator to share their art within the Xperience platform.

IdeationSpace Studios

NFTT Xperience Performance Scorecard:

____NFTs sold

ETHs sold within NFTs ____

Certified Artist on Rarible…?

____ Followers on Rarible NFT Showroom

Holds ____ Rari governance tokens

Active in the local Calgary market and on Hive, Rari, HEX and Holochain communities

The Dream

IdeationSpace Studios

  • Direct marketing tie-in through XtheGame Playification & Timecapsule elements
  • Prolog to the “herstoric” launch of the “X the Book-chain”
  • 1st NFTT (Timecapsule) launched as pilot in 2021 series and update to the 2000 mX Timecapsule
  • Karen’s personal PrecariUS Times, a Journey to Wellness is being created as follow up to the Universal PT series
  • XtheGame backstory is about TTravelers from the future…
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Mia Janne

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