Lifecircle card: 1st Wave



It started suddenly, a new opponent, a mutant virus, with the backing to become an all-out opponent to life as we know it.  This invisible creature became The Headliner around the world, disturbing the peace in every household, demanding all eyes and ears to see and hear but not understand how unstable the world was about to become.    

 It made its debut  during the 2020 US election cycle, making CoronaVirus a dystopian nightmare and a heavyweight contender to disrupt the entire world. Confusion and consumption and confinement were sitting in the wings waiting to become a ‘new normal’ according to the media and the great wizard behind the curtain.

A pandemic was being born and it’s future was more certain than ours at this point.  However, it’s  origins, it’s nature, it’s potential were Unknown.  Oh, this is big news, with videos of suffering and lab coats and doctors who know things we cannot possibly understand:  so, the media helped to simplify it, this thing is a monster and it’s going to kill you and millions more.    In fact, it is also going to use You to do it’s bidding.  Regular, everyday things like breathing, loving, hugging, living, working and playing could kill everyone.    So, lock up yourself and your little  Grandma and say your  prayers that she will somehow live through this … or die through this – either way, you won’t be there.   .  The stage was set.    We have an invisible enemy, so we were told to Sit and Stay, do not question or do anything, including keeping ourselves strong & healthy.   Instead we’re told to stay inside, shelter in place and wait by the tv – they’ll  tell us what to do next.

Relation circle cards

EmPowerment Word: InnerView

Tools or Device: Blood stream |


Challenge circle cards

Words of Wisdom (+): Doesn’t matter what they call you, what matters is what you answer to.”

Warning Sign (-): Did you wash your hands?


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