Lifecircle card: Rosie-Queen of Corona


The unfolding political, medical, economic, judicial, familiar storylines were coming at us with the left and the right telling us what to believe and in our youthful innocence took it all in.  And suddenly it became quite personal.   Each of us was supposed to be doing our part so other people did not die.  Our behavior, our freedom, our lives were suspect and we had to watch everything we do so others don’t die.   We were told to stay home, don’t go anywhere, don’t see people we love or commune with neighbors.   This became a real inward journey to decide how we were going to BE in the world today (during Covid-19) and going forward into what the news narratives were telling us was never going to be the same.   A New Normal was introduced.   What can we expect and what are we offering.  The image of the Queen of Corona is all that is in us, all that we know has to go forward with love and focus…


Relation circle cards

EmPowerment Word: Mass-Creation

Tool or Device: Imagination

Audio: “Me and Julio Down by the schoolyardArtist: Paul Simon


Challenge circle cards

Words of Wisdom (+): “Your life is what you focus on” Tony Robbins

Warning Sign (-): Yesterday or tomorrow


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