Lifecircle card: Saint Corona 2020


By now, we have heard it all and while the world had quieted down and Nature was living with the ease of not having people around … babies were born, the elderly were shut away, the isolation, the illnesses and even deaths of people we know and love was wearing thin.   Everyone has eaten the red and the blue pill and have mixed ideas, mixed emotions about what we are being told, who we can believe, what is expected of us and how we can pick up the pieces of a broken economy, broken dreams, broken families, broken businesses and what was shaping up to be a broken social contract between people about keeping each other safe and protected.     The bigness of the problems combined with a lot of questions leads to praying for change, but not any change.   A change that bridges love and hope to our concepts of who we are as human beings and the divine nature that resides in each one of us.  We need a Miracle.   We need to go through the darkness because we seek a higher calling, a higher Nature.

Relation circle cards

EmPowerment Word: Miraculous

Tool or Device: Photon (aka. Quantum of Light)


Challenge circle cards

Words of Wisdom (+): “Creativity Is Intelligence Having Fun.”  Albert Einstein

Warning Sign (-): Two Wrongs don’t make a right.


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