Lifecircle card: Pregnant Pause


The intertwining nature of Nature requires pollination and attractors like bright colors and feelers ready to give away the next season’s harvest and be used to make sweet honey for the Queen, her workers.  It’s a generational experience, the bees feed each other and their babies as well as help the flowers to reproduce themselves.  

We were being told to protect each other, look towards the future all while not knowing what is to come from all of this stored up energy inside of us, our families and our country.   Like a pregnant woman watching her belly grow without knowing who is in there and even more, looking into the future asking if we are strong enough to deal with ‘our new normal’.   The act of pollination is a hopeful sign of good things to come.

Relation circle cards

EmPowerment Word: Pollination

Tool or Device: Nature

Challenge circle cards

Words of Wisdom (+):“The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.”  Leo Tolstoy

Warning Sign (-): Give Bees a Chance


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